Accident Investigation Form

Health and safety is a major concern for all of us, whether we are employees or employers. As members of a company or organisation we expect to be able to go to work and complete our daily routine without danger of becoming ill or getting injured. If we do suffer such an injury then we expect our employees to do something to remedy the problem. The Health and Safety Executive advises that companies use an accident investigation form and follow certain procedures to ensure findings are acted upon.

All accidents and even near misses in the workplace should be reported and this is most commonly done using an accident investigation form or accident report book. Organisations are encouraged to collect information using a simple but detailed form. Blank copies of this form should be made available to all employees so that they can easily report any accident or near miss that they endure. The company can then use this accident investigation form as the basis for any investigation they hold into the incident.

The information collected should be treated seriously by the company. Even if no injury or illness was sustained, if somebody endured a near miss then this means there is potential for an injury to occur. It is in the interests of your organisation to not only collect the data about these incidents but also to act on them to ensure that no further incidents of the same type occur again in the future.

Once information has been collected, it should be analysed. The exact situation surrounding the incident should be investigated and the information analysed. Risk control measures can be introduced and these will help to ensure that the risk is minimised or, ideally, completely removed. It is the responsibility of an employer to offer all of their employees a safe and healthy environment in which to work and an accident investigation form is the first step in helping to remove any potential threats that may exist.

Almost every type of business has some potential health and safety hazard at some point. Even things like worn carpets or metal poles can cause an obstruction and they could potentially lead to serious injury if they are not fixed, removed, or clearly marked. If an employee suffers an accident or illness, or even a near miss, they should complete an accident investigation form so that you can assess the risks and determine the best way to help combat those risks.

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