After the Accident – Getting it Right! – Cambridge, 2 July 2014

Institute of Safety in Technology and Research symposium

Date and location

Wednesday 2 July 2014, Clare College, Queens Road, Cambridge, CB3 9AJ

Event overview

The Institute of Safety in Technology and Research (ISTR) symposium will be looking at all stages of the aftermath of an accident.

There will be a wide range of speakers representing those who might be involved in an accident and the aftermath, a drama presentation and discussion of recent examples.

Speakers include: Dr. Arthur Mitchell, MRC; Mark Tyler, Salutaris; Nick Marsh, HSE Hazardous Installations Directorate and John Bamford, UCU.

The symposium is aimed primarily for those who work in science and technology will be of wider interest and all are welcome.

Information and booking

For further information, programme details and booking details visit the ISTR website. Alternatively, you can email the events secretary or telephone (+44) 0 1628 634523.

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