Ageing and life extension of offshore installations – The KP4 report


The Ageing and Life Extension Inspection Programme (KP4) is a key element of HSE’s Energy Division (OSD) 2011/2012 major hazard work priorities, with the aim of the programme being to promote awareness and management of the risks associated with ageing plant in the offshore oil and gas industry.

The programme was launched to the offshore industry in July 2010, followed by three trial inspections in December 2010. KP4 will run to at least December 2013, and involves both onshore and offshore inspection of duty holders’ management systems using Specialist Templates.  The programme will determine the extent to which asset integrity risks associated with ageing and life extension are being managed effectively by duty holders, and will place emphasis on the development and promotion of good practice in the industry to ensure continued safety.

KP4 follows on from HSE’s previous Key Programme 3 (KP3) in 2009, and the Offshore External Corrosion Project in 2010

Technical Specialities Included In The KP4 Programme:

  • Corrosion
  • Fire Explosion
  • Structural and Marine integrity
  • Process Safety
  • Pipelines
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical, Control Instrumentation
  • Human Factors

KP4 Duty Holder Inspections

Following the launch of KP4 in 2010, Energy Division commenced the programme of inspections.  By the end of 2011 eleven KP4 inspections had been completed, and fifteen duty holders identified for the 2012 KP4 programme of inspections.

2010/2011 Inspection Programme

2012/2013 Inspection Programme

Duty holder
Paul B Lloyd
Alba North
Ensco 70
Julie Robertson
Premier Oil
Brae Alpha
Haewene Brim

2013/2014 Inspection Programme

The KP4 inspections from 2012 onwards will be implemented as follows:

  • Duty Holders to be inspected will be informed as early as possible, and directed to the onshore KP4 templates [hyperlink] on HSE’s website for them to fill them out as best as possible,
  • A KP4 presentation will be given to the selected Duty Holders by the KP4 manager soon after,
  • Dates are agreed for the onshore and offshore inspections,
  • Energy Division Specialist Inspectors meet their opposite numbers for the onshore inspections,
  • Energy Division Specialist Inspectors undertake offshore inspection,
  • Onshore feedback will be given to the Duty Holders after HSE Specialists have had the opportunity of completing both sets of templates.
  • Regulatory deficiencies will be fed back to the Duty Holder by letter.

Inspection templates

The HSE inspections are performed using templates for each topic area, which are  based on the application of the HSG65 model, to ensure consistency between duty holders in each topic area and between duty holder topic areas.

The onshore KP4 inspection templates can be downloaded from the following links:

  • KP4 Safety Management Systems (SMS) Template
  • KP4 Pipelines Template
  • KP4 Process Integrity Template
  • KP4 Electrical, Control and Instrumentation Inspection Template
  • KP4 Structural Integrity Inspection Template
  • KP4 Fire and Explosion Template
  • KP4 Corrosion Management Template
  • KP4 Maritime Integrity Template
  • KP4 Mechanical Inspection Template
  • KP4 Wells Inspection Template
  • KP4 Human Factors Template

The offshore KP4 inspection templates can be downloaded from the following links:

  • KP4 Safety Management Systems (SMS) Offshore Inspection Template
  • KP4 Process Integrity Offshore Inspection Template
  • KP4 Marine Integrity Offshore Inspection Template 
  • KP4 Mechanical Integrity and Corrosion Offshore Inspection Template
  • KP4 Electrical, Control and Instrumentation Offshore Inspection template

Other topic areas may be added in the future, and the current templates may be modified as the project evolves.

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