Analytical Services and Assays 2016/17

Qualifying and quantifying exposure to
hazardous substances is key to improving health within the work
environment. Analysis enables us to determine that a hazard is
present and allows us to test the effectiveness of control
measures.  Such evaluation is an integral part of Health Risk
and Worker

HSL provides a comprehensive
analytical laboratory service to large and small organisations. Our
experts interpret the results into meaningful data, which enables
you to recognise and act on the hazards in your situation.

Many of our experts are recognised as
international authorities in their field. Through active
participation in method development, collaborative studies and
standards committees, HSL stands at the forefront of measurement
science in the workplace. This ensures our service to you is
relevant to today’s occupational health and safety challenges.

Our quality system is accredited to
ISO9001. Our analytical capabilities are underpinned by an
extensive research programme that ensures continuous improvement to
our services.

Our analytical services cover a wide
range of chemicals and sample types:

You can find an extensive list of
our analytical services in our Analytical
Services List
; other assays may be available on request. 
For further details or to request an assay, please email

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