Being MINDfully Safe – HSL Buxton, 17 September 2015

Date and location

17 September 2015, Health and Safety Laboratory, Harpur Hill, Buxton,
Derbyshire, SK17 9JN

Course overview

Human error is frequently identified as a cause of accidents. What could help to reduce human error is for people to become more mindful by purposefully paying attention to what they don’t usually pay attention to, i.e. their actions and interactions with others and the organisational systems around them. Most of the time, individuals perform tasks on ‘automatic pilot’, leading to doing things out of habit, whether following a procedure or driving a vehicle with little conscious awareness. Whilst it may be efficient most of time, it could also lead to unsafe actions without realising it.

This interactive workshop will give you the opportunity to take part in facilitated discussions and learn practical ways of improving mindful safety awareness in the workplace.

The course will cover:

  • The five organising principles for shaping a mindful safety culture
  • Lessons from case studies where lapses in leadership led to major failures
  • Characteristics of mindful leadership for safety
  • The dual system of thinking and its impact on decision making processes (routine vs deliberate actions)
  • Strategies to enhance risk awareness and individuals’ mindfulness into day-to-day health and safety activities

Who should attend?

Senior managers, health and safety managers and anyone who wishes to know how to enhance safety risk awareness within their organisation.

Information and booking

A full programme and online booking form can be found on the Being MINDfully Safe course page. Alternatively, you can email HSL Training or call 01298 218806.

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