Beyond KP4: Engineered Composite Repairs, Failure Analysis, Validated Finite Element Modelling – Aberdeen, 6 November 2014

Date and location

6th November 2014, Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre

Event overview

The second in a series of one-day workshops addressing the key ALE issues facing the Oil Gas sector

If your role is concerned with asset integrity or life extension in the offshore industry you are invited to the second in a series of one-day workshops on 6th November to help operators address some of the key issues arising from the KP4 programme, specifically:

Engineered Composite Repairs, Failure Analysis and Validated Finite Element Modelling

As an agency of HSE, the Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) was integral to the delivery of the KP4 Asset and Life Extension (ALE) programme, obtaining a real insight into the issues identified by the study and enabling us to support operators in bringing about effective change in line with the recommendations. The report advises dutyholders to implement long-term repair and maintenance strategies and the appropriate use of engineered composite wrap solutions supports asset life-extension programmes. The report also highlights the need for “industry to use the existing high-quality incident root-cause analysis process to make the lessons learned more easily available and “a good approach to ALE management of structures is to have up-to-date mathematical models.

This one-day workshop will address these themes, focussing on:

  • Design, application and inspection of engineered composites
  • Composite repair technology
  • Through-life inspection of composite repairs and case studies
  • Failure analysis from the mechanical and materials perspective; case studies and lessons learned
  • Human factors of failure analysis and incident investigation
  • Validated finite element analysis modelling; current state of the art and potential ALE applications

Information and booking

For further information and to book your place please go to HSL Training in Aberdeen. Alternatively, you can email HSL Training or call 01298 218806.

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