Case 244 – Shelving in gym changing rooms refused


Member of a gym and swimming pool asked for a shelf where the hairdryers and mirrors are situated to place items such as handbag, hairbrush etc. as currently all items have to go on the floor or on the baby changing table. Enquirer requested a shelf similar to the one seen at another pool but was told that the gym was not inclined to putting shelving up in the changing rooms due to the health and safety implications this could have on a person of similar height injuring themselves on it and that surfaces are normally of a solid unit structure, which would compromise space in that area.

Panel decision

The panel believe that this is a case of health and safety being used as an excuse for not providing a facility for customers which is commonplace in many other similar establishments. The proprietors should be challenged to explain the real reason for declining a reasonable request. If there is a genuine health and safety concern associated with putting a shelf in the particular location then it should be properly explained rather than simply citing “health and safety”.

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