Case 260 – Separate ‘Young persons risk assessment’ required for work experience placements


Enquirer has been told that all work experience placements should provide the school with a ‘Young Persons Risk Assessment’ detailing the processes they have in place to mitigate risk to young people.

Panel decision

The advice provided by the health and safety consultant is incorrect but the panel recognise that this is a commonly held view. HSE has recently issued new guidance which makes it clear what is required and explains how to take a proportionate approach. There is no requirement for an employer to complete a separate risk assessment specifically for a young person.
Employers are required to manage risks in their workplaces and organisers of placements should not be second-guessing this or adding unnecessary bureaucracy.
The organisers should simply ask sensible questions to satisfy themselves that arrangements are in place, and ensure that the employer knows of any specific issues for the student. Please refer to HSE’s guidance for more details.-

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