Case 321 – Scouts banned from having an allotment plot


The enquirer has been advised by the chair of their local allotment community gardens site that a group of scouts under the supervision of a leader can not have a plot, for “health and safety reasons. The scouts are keen to grow their own veg, and an allotment would be ideal for a small group to get started with.

Panel decision

Although there are some minor risks associated with cultivating an allotment (use of tools, possible use of chemicals) these are all easily manageable with proper supervision which one could reasonably expect the Scout movement to provide.

The panel strongly believes that this is an excellent opportunity for Scouts to become involved in growing food and getting physical exercise and it is a great pity that “health and safety” has been offered up as a poor excuse for not allowing them to do it. The allotment committee should own up to their true reasons for refusing this worthwhile project.

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