Free forestry & arboriculture SHADs – various locations, March 2016

Forestry Safety and Health Awareness Days

Aboriculture Safety and Health Awareness Day

Free Forestry Safety and Health Awareness Days

HSE has again teamed up with the Forestry Commission’s Learning and Development team to host the events, which are dedicated to raising awareness of important health and safety issues specific to the forestry industry. Attendance on the day is free.

The events are supported by the Forest Industry Safety Accord (FISA) and HSE gratefully acknowledges sponsorship from Egger Forestry, Euroforest, Scottish Woodlands and Tilhill Forestry.

Developed in partnership with the industry, all those involved in forest operations should benefit from the half-day event, from forestry work managers to site supervisors, to those actually carrying out the work.

Trainers who have years of experience working in forestry will cover issues relating to the use of forestry machinery and forestry chainsaw work, directional felling including the use of hydraulic wedges and bottle jacks, hand-arm and whole body vibration, and public access issues.

At the events, scenarios are acted out based on situations that have led to serious accidents in the past. Risks are examined and common sense solutions are identified that can be applied on site. Each event is developed to reflect the type of forestry work taking place in that geographical area.

Attendance at the event is by booking only.

For further information or to book places please contact Jack MacGregor at HSE by emailing or telephoning 01463 723273 (indicating whether you wish to attend the morning or afternoon session). Applications will be confirmed upon receipt

Free Arboriculture Safety and Health Awareness Day

HSE has again teamed up with the Arboricultural Association who are hosting a FREE one-day event aimed at raising awareness of important health and safety issues specific to the arboriculture industry. The event is specifically targeted at arboricultural contractors who do not currently have ready access to competent sources of advice . As such, the first 60 places will be reserved for arboricultural contractors who are not current Arboricultural Association members or ARB Approved Contractors.

Financially supported by both the HSE and Arboricultural Association, it is delivered by a team of Arboricultural Association Technical Officers, HSE staff and the Arb Matters training team. The course is aimed at any arboricultural or tree work contractors – specifically those who are not members of the Arboricultural Association.

The key objectives of this one-day Safety and Health Awareness Day (SHAD) aimed at arboricultural contractors are:

  • to increase the competence, knowledge and understanding of those contractors attending the SHAD, in particular with regard to complying with current legislative requirements, awareness of significant health and safety issues and where to find practical advice on how to implement safe working practices; and
  • to support a reduction in the number of fatal and major injuries in arboriculture by disseminating industry good practice and making those who work in the industry more aware of the benefits of working safely.

Topics covered include: Pre-works assessments; training and certification; industry safety guides and codes of practice relevant to arboriculture; PPE available to arborists; risk assessments for commercial arboriculture; application of LOLER; work at height safety audits; and demonstrations including access into, moving around in and descending from trees and aerial rescue. A comprehensive range of support materials.

The event is free and runs from 09:00 am – 4.30 pm. Attendance at the event is by booking only. To book your place visit

To find out more visit

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