Heinz beans ‘can song’ advert banned over injury fears

Lots of media coverage has appeared today relating to the Heinz baked beans ‘can song’ advert being banned by The Advertising Standards Authority as it ‘encouraged behaviour that prejudiced health and safety’. The advertising campaign has been banned from TV over fears that young viewers could copy the ‘can song’ and injure themselves on sharp empty tins.

HSE’s Chair Martin Temple has responded to explain that there is no health and safety legislation that would apply in this case:

“While the Health and Safety Executive would not wish to publicly contradict this ruling, it does look like the term health and safety has been used incorrectly here. We would hope the public realise there are absolutely no regulations preventing children from playing with empty sealed tin cans.

“One thing kids never lack is imagination to invent their own games with the simplest of props. Obviously if a child is playing with a jagged edge on a tin container there is a risk of injury, but we would hope parents manage that risk. HSE has always encouraged children to learn through play, whether climbing trees, painting with their hands or throwing stones into a lake, we want children to enjoy life and all the experiences it brings.”


Article source: http://press.hse.gov.uk/2016/heinz-beans-can-song-advert-banned-over-injury-fears/