HSE Jobs: Regulatory Science Specialists – Biocides & Pesticides (CRD) – 4 Posts

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  • Job responsibilities
  • Through Grading Training Programme
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The posts are within the Biocides Pesticides Branches of the Health and Safety Executive’s, Chemicals Regulations Directorate.

The Biocides and Pesticides Delivery Teams are primarily involved in the coordination and project management of applications for approval/authorisation of biocide/pesticide active substances and products in both the UK and EU, as required by the EU Biocidal Products Regulation and EU Plant Protection Products Regulation and the UK Control of Pesticides Regulations. As part of this process there is liaison with; all scientific disciplines in CRD, experts from industry and representatives from other Government Departments, as well as other EU member states, on matters associated with the submission and evaluation of data necessary to support biocide applications. Liaison with other EU member states includes; consideration of active substances and formulations under the EU Biocides programme and this may require attendance at overseas meetings.

The Pesticides Delivery Team is primarily involved in the coordination and project management of applications for approval/authorization of pesticide active substances and products in both the UK and EU, as required by the. As part of this process, there is liaison with: all scientific disciplines within CRD, experts from industry and representatives from other Government departments, as well as other EU member states and EU bodies on matter associated with the submission and evaluation of data necessary to support pesticide applications. Liaison with other EU member states includes: consideration of active substances under the EU pesticides renewal programme and this may require attendance at overseas meetings.

Job responsibilities

As a regulatory science specialist, your primary task will be to manage the delivery of approval/authorization of biocide and pesticide active substances and products, following submission of applications to CRD. This process includes; assessing the content of applicant submissions, making decisions as to when specialist input is required, requesting evaluation of data by specialists within CRD when necessary, giving clear direction on what is required, collating input from specialists and combining all the information to allow robust and proportionate regulatory decisions to be made. Specialist regulatory knowledge is required to manage the application through the various regulatory processes.

The range of specialist input includes analytical and physicochemical chemistry, mammalian and environmental toxicology, exposure to humans and the environment, risk assessment and mitigation and efficacy. You will not be required to conduct specialist evaluation, but would be expected to have a broad understanding of the science involved.

Key Responsibilities:

  • To communicate on technical and regulatory matters with others of varying grades and positions that will include colleagues within CRD, applicants and counterparts in other Government Departments, other EU member states and EU bodies including the EU Commission.
  • To work on many different projects of differing complexity at any one time and to adhere to strict deadlines and published targets.
  • To provide regulatory advice to scientific and policy colleagues in CRD or other government departments, applicants, stakeholders and the public.
  • To attend overseas meetings or working groups, representing CRD and UK on regulatory matters. Such meetings and working groups might require giving presentations or being involved in discussions and negotiations.

Other requirements: Be open for trips overseas to other member EU states, durations of trips will vary depending on projects.

Through Grading Training Programme

The post can be filled at either Band 5 (Scientific Officer) or Band 4 (Higher Scientific Officer), dependent on the amount of relevant post-graduate experience that a candidate has.

This is a through graded post and if you are appointed at Band 5 (Scientific Officer) there is the expectation that you will move to the Band 4 (Higher Scientific Officer) once you have achieved and maintained the required level of skills and experience (normally 18 months to 3 years).

If appointed at Scientific Officer level, our structured training programme will help you develop the essential skills of a regulatory scientist. The programme will be designed to meet your individual needs and will focus on the specific scientific skills and the regulatory frameworks. Your development and performance will be assessed against key developmental milestones. Upon successful completion of the training programme and achievement of the developmental milestones, you will be eligible to go forward to a promotion panel.

Attributes required

Essential criteria – You must have: Relevant qualifications, experience and competences required:


For appointment at Band 5:

  • A degree or equivalent in a relevant subject (e.g. biochemistry, physiology, biology, chemistry, environmental sciences)

For appointment at Band 4:

  • A degree or equivalent in a relevant subject is required, plus experience of working in a role in either the regulatory control of pesticides, biocides or industrial chemicals is required (minimum of 2 years).


You must have evidence of suitable abilities (Level 2 for Band 5, Level 3 for Band 4) in the following Civil Service competences (see link below);

  • Leading and communicating
  • Delivering at pace
  • Collaborating and partnering
  • Making effective decisions
  • Scientific and technical knowledge: ‘Demonstrate an understanding and application of fundamental science principles. You should be able to evaluate and question other sources of evidence and contribute to the overall robustness of the evidence base. Understand the business need/relevance of work undertaken by the department’.

This evidence should be descriptive examples of specific past experiences.

Desirable requirements:

Experience of performing and/or interpreting scientific studies in a regulatory context and to have IT skills, with experience using Microsoft Office.

For an informal and confidential discussion about this role please contact by email Nicola Gregg and Brian Woolacott

How to apply

Apply for this role via the Civil Service on-line recruitment system, Civil Service Jobs.

IMPORTANT: Please note CV’s sent direct to HSE will not be accepted.

Please ensure you upload your CV and a covering letter with your application by clicking on the ‘attachments’ tab.

It is essential that your covering letter addresses the following:-

“How your skills and experience meet the requirements for this post”.

This should be no more than two sides of A4 paper (font size 10).

To enable you to complete the competency based application form, the links below will take you to the Civil Service Competency Framework and the Science and Engineering Professional Framework which you are advised to read prior to submitting your application.

Civil Service Competency Framework

Science and Engineering Professional Framework

Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an acknowledgment. If you have a disability and you need an application form in an alternative format or you would like to know more about our recruitment process, please contact: Dave Evans on 0151 951 4264 or email david.hr.evans@hse.gsi.gov.uk.

Closing date

Close Date for Applications – 25th January 2015..

Article source: http://www.hse.gov.uk/careers/crd-b4-b5-regulatory-science-specialists-biocides-pesticides.htm