HSE responds to letter in Blackpool Gazette on Fracking regulations

Dear Editor

In response to Mr Turner’s letter of 25 March ‘Fracking Regulations – Drilling’ I can assure your readers that HSE has not disbanded its Offshore Safety Division.

We have in fact reorganised our structure to create a new Energy Division. Far from weakening our inspection resource, we are committed to strengthening it and are recruiting specialist wells inspectors.

The new Energy Division includes the Offshore Safety Division and brings in expertise from other areas such as mines and pipelines to assist our specialist oil and gas wells team. This enables us to effectively regulate emerging energy technologies such as shale gas. HSE works to ensure that operators comply with these regulations. If they do not, HSE will take robust and appropriate enforcement action.

Your readers can also visit the shale gas pages on HSE’s website for further information http://www.hse.gov.uk/shale-gas/

Article source: http://press.hse.gov.uk/2014/hse-responds-to-letter-in-blackpool-gazette-on-fracking-regulations/