HSE responds to Morpeth Herald article; Health and Safety madness risks lives


Your report (Morpeth Herald online, 23 January, “Health and Safety madness risks lives”) suggests ‘health and safety’ is the reason for teachers not helping children to cross a road.

Whatever the reasons for teachers believing they are not allowed to see youngsters safely across the road, we at the Health and Safety Executive would like to be clear that it is not because there is anything in health and safety legislation that prohibits it.

We see hundreds of stories each year in which health and safety is blamed incorrectly for an unnecessary or overzealous restriction. So much so that we’ve set up a panel of experts to help people challenge daft decisions http://www.hse.gov.uk/contact/myth-busting.htm

‘Health and safety gone mad’ is something we hear too much about, but we should keep our minds on what health and safety legislation is really there to do – ensuring everyone can return home to their families, safe and well, from their day’s work.


John Rowe

Head of Operations Yorkshire North East


Article source: http://press.hse.gov.uk/2014/hse-responds-to-morpeth-herald-article-health-and-safety-madness-risks-lives/