HSE responds to Scottish Sun’s criticism of organiser’s decision to move T in the Park music festival

I am surprised and disappointed that your article and comment piece chose to blame HSE for the decision to move T in the Park from its current location. Our statement to you was very clear that HSE is an advisor to the planning system and has no power to prevent the event happening at its current or any other location.

The likelihood of any major accident at the pipeline is low, but if one were to occur, the consequences would be catastrophic. I appreciate that some people are upset that the event is to change location but would like to remind them that the decision has been taken by the organisers, and not HSE.

So on this one, I’m afraid you’re out of tune with the reality.

Kind regards

Alistair McNab, Director, HSE Scotland

Article source: http://press.hse.gov.uk/2014/hse-responds-to-scottish-suns-criticism-of-organisers-decision-to-move-t-in-the-park-music-festival/