HSE statement on the Government’s final progress report on health and safety reforms

This final progress report from the Department for Work and Pensions marks a major milestone in the achievements HSE has made in delivering reforms to health and safety legislation and guidance.

Through both the dedication of our staff and close engagement with business and other stakeholders, we have simplified and modernised a large amount of regulation without compromising standards of protection for workers.

There have been a number of reviews of health and safety in recent years and they have all shown that the system we have in Great Britain remains fit for purpose. 

We have made significant progress in reducing regulatory burdens for business by further helping them understand what they need to do to keep their workers safe.

We have tackled over interpretation of legal requirements and reduced the overall stock of legislation by 50%. We have also undertaken an extensive guidance review.

HSE is 40 years old this year. Having demonstrated our ability to evolve, we will continue to adapt and embrace new ways of working, and through close engagement with business and other stakeholders, ensure regulations remain effective and fit for purpose.

We are proud of our regulatory system and what it has achieved in protecting the lives of workers in Great Britain.

Dr. Richard Judge

Chief Executive

The full report can be read here:


Article source: http://press.hse.gov.uk/2015/hse-statement-on-the-governments-final-progress-report-on-health-and-safety-reforms/