HSL: Procedures: Making Sure Yours Works – Buxton, 17-18 May 2017

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HSL is to run a 2 day course on Procedures: Making sure yours work.

17 – 18 May 2017

Are you frustrated by workers in your organisation not
following procedures?

Are procedures a recurring factor in your accidents and
near misses?

Do you struggle to adhere to generic company procedures
that don’t reflect the reality of your work context?

Do you feel that you have too many procedures or they’re
just not useful but you don’t know what to do about

If you’ve answered yes to any or all of these questions, you are
not alone and this course is for you.

Having good and effective procedures is something that marks out
organisations that perform better on health, safety and
environmental performance – and on wider business and quality
performance too.  A core set of valued, useable and
user-friendly procedures underpins good and consistent
performance.  But it’s not about having lots of procedures (or
long ones), it’s about having the right procedures for the right
things and keeping them simple and concise.

This new HSL course is designed to help you review existing
procedures effectively and equip you with the capability to write
new ones. It is based on human factors good practice in
designing, developing and writing procedures and other job aids and
enhancing compliance. It makes good use of HSL’s wide industry
experience in this area and its in-depth knowledge of what makes
good procedures and setting up the physical and social context
which will encourage people to use them. The course is aimed
at procedure writers and reviewers (and those that manage this
process) and provides practical focus on ‘the ‘how’ as well as
using your own-company procedure examples to work on.

Those who attend will learn: the human factors principles that
apply to good procedures; how to apply these practically to
develop, design, review and write effective procedures; and what
underpins compliance with procedures. The course provides some
simple tools and guidance to help procedure writers and reviewers
improve key procedures consistently and simply.

The course is suited to groups from organisations who are
involved in procedure writing and review, either as single courses
or working alongside similar groups from other organisations. The
open course will run at the HSL Buxton site but the course can be
delivered at your own site if there are suitable training
facilities and access.

The course will be run at the HSL laboratory in the spa town of
Buxton. Buxton is in the heart of the Peak District and has good
links to mainline train stations and Manchester International

Details of hotels in the Buxton area can be found at www.visitbuxton.co.uk

The cost of the course is £1,100 per person (includes course
notes, lunch and refreshments).

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