HSL: Slips and Trips – Falls Prevention – Bristol, 10 February 2015

Date and location

10 February 2015, Bristol (Venue TBC)

Course overview

This course will help you understand the causes of slips, trips and falls, and highlight successful interventions that offer a great starting point for organisations looking to reduce falls. It is delivered by experts in accident investigation and has a practical focus on understanding the causes of slips, trips and falls and reducing the risk of future incidents.

Previous attendees of our slip, trip and fall training courses have reported a reduction in incidents of up to 50%.

The course will cover:

  • Why people slip – the slip potential model
  • Characterising flooring, which tests work, which don’t and why
  • The role of contamination in slip accidents
  • The effect that good and bad cleaning techniques can have on slips
  • Ergonomics in machine design
  • How footwear can help in reducing slip accidents
  • Preventing trips
  • Relevant standards and their use
  • The causes of stair falls and how to reduce the risk

Who should attend?

Anyone who is involved in managing slips and trips, particularly those responsible for selecting flooring or footwear in their business. Employees involved in critical operations such as cleaning.

Information and booking

A full programme and online booking form can be found on the Training in Bristol course page. Alternatively, you can email HSL Training or call 01298 218806.

Article source: http://www.hse.gov.uk/events/hsl-slips-and-trips-falls-prevention.htm