NMHSAG – Occupational Health and Safety Young Person of the year Award 2017

North Manchester Health, Safety and Advisory Group (NMHSAG)

Who should enter?

Occupational Health and Safety Young person of the Year Award seeks to acknowledge and celebrate an apprentice’s or young person’s exceptional occupational health and safety progress and their contribution to safety in the workplace during their apprenticeship, training or employment. Team or individual nominations are welcomed.

To enter, Applicants must be based in the North West of England and 25 years or under on date of application.

How to enter

Applicants must read these entry guidelines carefully before completing the Occupational Health and Safety Young Person of the Year Award application form.

The closing date for 2017 entries is Friday May 10th 2017.

The winner(s) will receive notification soon after that date and the award will presented at the Thursday June 22nd NMHSAG ‘Stephen Horrocks Memorial Conference’ and meeting.


The prize for the award consists of a certificate, a trophy, £50 voucher for educational materials and supporting gifts.

Completing the form

Judges are looking for young persons and young teams who have shown tremendous progress in health and safety throughout their work placement, apprenticeship or employment, as well as demonstrating the difference they have made to the occupational health and safety of the organisation they worked in.

Make sure you give the judges hard evidence to base their decisions on. Include examples which demonstrate your inspirational qualities through commitment to your personal development; outstanding contributions to developing a safe workplace; where you have exceeded expectations; and on your achievement and attainment in occupational health and safety.

Applications should be completed and submitted by the young person or team themselves. Young people could seek assistance from their employer or training provider to ensure the answers are completed as fully as possible. Applicants should ensure that they keep within the word count, and that they write succinctly using plain English, avoiding jargon.

Applications allow you to attach supporting evidence. This allows you to include photographs, a chart, table or graph to help demonstrate metrics such as statistics, quantifiable information and comparative data. Remember to provide a base line to show how you have progressed in health and safety during your work placement, employment or apprenticeship.

All applications require a reference and it is strongly recommended that the employer or educational establishment completes this and it is included in section 4 of the application form.

Further information

Application forms and other information can be requested by e mail from:  cbamber@olceurope.com and copy in khaslam@olceurope.com.

Article source: http://hse.gov.uk/events/nmhsag-hs-young-person-award.htm