Principles of incident investigation and failure analysis – Buxton, 26 May 2016

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HSL is to run a 1 day course on Principles of Incident Investigation and Failure Analysis.

26 May 2016


The ability to carry out a detailed and accurate mechanical
failure analysis is a key skill for many sectors of industry
particularly engineering, manufacturing and research and
development.  From costly delays in production due to the
failure of vital plant or tooling through to catastrophic failures
with potential insurance and safety implications; all require the
application of scientific analytical methods of inquiry.

HSL are offering a unique opportunity to engage directly with
our incident investigation professionals and take full advantage of
our decades of failure analysis experience.  This course is
aimed at individuals or companies that maintain, contract or are
seeking to develop failure analysis capability.  While the
course will focus primarily on the investigation of mechanical and
engineering failures, many of the principles covered will be
directly transferable to investigations of any type.  The
course will explain the common strategies and tactics of the
failure analysis process from the initial response through to
presenting your findings.

The course will address the following areas:

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Strategy and tactics of incident investigation and failure
  • Initial Inspection
  • Identification and collection of evidence
  • Record and note keeping
  • Common failure mechanisms
  • Establishing cause and contributory factors
  • Engaging scientific support
  • Presenting your findings

Who should attend

This entry level course would be most useful for HS
managers, insurance professionals, design and process engineers and
other professionals seeking to better understand the forensic,
scientific and analytical process.


The course will be run at the HSL laboratory in the spa town of
Buxton. Buxton is in the heart of the Peak District and has good
links to mainline train stations and Manchester International

Details of hotels in the Buxton area can be found at


The cost of this course is £495 per person (includes
course notes, certificate of attendance
and lunch/refreshments).

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For further dates and additional information email:
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