Reporting An Accident

Many employees have suffered an injury or sustained an illness through the course of completing our working lives. Anything from bumped knees to repetitive stress related illnesses should be considered an accident or incident involving the workplace and, as an employee, you should report such occurrences as soon as possible and to the appropriate person. In some cases, this may mean completing an accident report form while in other cases it may mean seeking further help. Reporting an accident is important.

Through the daily pursuit of our lives we do face possible dangers and it is a fact of many peoples’ working lives that they are placed in more danger than others. However, it is the responsibility of companies to ensure that such dangers are minimised. It is also the responsibility of companies and organisations to ensure that any accidents and illnesses are properly monitored. They should take action to ensure further incidents do not occur where reasonably possible.

However, few people are aware that reporting an accident is actually a legal requirement for employees too. That accident report book is designed to help employers maintain a safe and healthy working environment. If you fail in reporting an accident this means that improvements cannot be made and steps can’t be taken to ensure that the same does not happen to somebody else at a later date. Your first step should be to inform the appropriate person of the accident that occurred.

When reporting an accident it is important that you inform the right person. If you are unsure of who your healthy and safety representative is then report the accident to your line manager. They will help to ensure that you are able to report to the most appropriate person and they should also help you with any further steps required when reporting an accident. Remember that even seemingly innocuous injuries and illnesses can lead to more serious problems so it is important that you report any such accident as soon as possible.

Maintaining a safe and healthy working environment is the responsibility of everyone concerned. While it is your employer’s responsibility to ensure you have a safe working environment, it is at least partially your responsibility to ensure that it remains that way. Furthermore, serious injuries, deaths, and major illnesses must always be reported by your employer to the Health and Safety Executive and you may wish to ensure that this is done properly and in a timely manner.