RR1013 – Research to determine the incidence, prevalence and relative risk of ill health due to chemical exposure in the chemical and downstream oil industry sector

This project identified seven data sources from which to assess ill health problems potentially associated with exposure to harmful chemicals in the chemical and downstream oil industry. Interrogation of these sources allowed insight into the range and type of ill health previously, and currently, associated with certain exposures. A bespoke definition of the chemical and downstream oil industry sector, based on SIC codes, was developed as part of this project in order to assist this process.

It was written to:

  • define the scope of the term ‘Chemical Sector’.
  • review and critically appraise the data sources of reported ill health and related exposure data in order to better understand these relationships in the chemical sector.
  • undertake a scoping review of the peer reviewed published literature to establish the range and type of reported industry sector causes of occupational ill health due to chemicals.
  • use this information to identify which particular industries within the chemical sector may have previously described high levels of work-related ill health.


  • Full report

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Article source: http://www.hse.gov.uk/research/rrhtm/rr1013.htm