RR1017 – Literature review : Understanding how to improve the management of exposure to wood dust amongst construction sub-contractors and manufacturing SMEs

Literature review

Available evidence was reviewed to develop a better understanding of how to improve the management of wood dust exposure in small and medium-sized construction and manufacturing enterprises (SMEs).

There was a paucity of research, with most papers exploring the factors that broadly influence health and safety (HS) management in SMEs.

Factors that influence SMEs’ behaviours, included:

i) limited resources (particularly for small construction and wood working companies), ii) a poor awareness of the importance of ill-health prevention,

iii) risk control advice from third parties,

iv) management/peer HS attitudes, and

v) negative attitudes towards risk controls. Higher
levels of HS awareness and better training provisions were some of the most noteworthy differences found
in large compared to small construction companies. Lone working and managing a transient workforce were
challenges identified for woodworking and large construction companies respectively.

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