RR1031 – An exploration of the current effectiveness of worker engagement practices in the quarry industry

This study was instigated by the Quarries National Joint Advisory Committee (QNJAC) on the basis that worker engagement practices were not perceived as widespread within the quarry industry. Thus, the present qualitative study explored how worker engagement in quarries is achieved and what makes it more challenging.

Worker engagement is about going beyond workers’ consultation. Workers and their representatives need to be involved in decisions in order for them to be committed to health and safety (HS).

Findings suggest that a great deal of effort is made to engage quarries’ workers in HS. Management commitment to HS plays a key role in workers’ engagement. However, management visibility on site needs to occur more often to create or sustain workers’ engagement. A variety of communication methods proved to be essential to engage workers in multiple ways and on a continuous basis but HS messages need to be relevant to their audiences, and proportionate in quantity. Worker attitude to HS has improved although resistance from some groups still persists. Safety representatives play an important role in increasing attention to HS although their role could be better exploited in some workplaces and their training courses being better implemented.

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