RR1086 – Noise risk as described in instructions supplied with printing machinery

The printing industry uses a wide range of noisy machines that have the potential to damage workers’ hearing if the
risks are not effectively managed. Users need information
that represents noise emissions during the intended uses of the machine, to enable an assessment and the management
of the associated noise risks.

There is a legal requirement under the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008 for machinery manufacturers to
provide declared noise emissions in instruction manuals.
(This legislation implements the EU Machinery Directive
2006/42/EC). However, there is a lack of information on the
adequacy of declared noise emissions for printing machinery
sold in the United Kingdom.

This report describes research that was carried out to assess the adequacy of the noise emission information provided in a
sample of fifteen instruction manuals supplied by
manufacturers of printing machinery. The study found that
the noise content in the majority (approximately 75%) of the
instructions gave declared noise emission information that
would help the user assess and manage real use noise risks.
However for 25% of the instructions, the noise emission
information was either incorrect or not machine-specific.
Additionally, none of the instructions provided information
on the uncertainty associated with the measured noise
emission values; this is legally required.

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