SIESO 21: Complacency Today – Disaster Tomorrow – Manchester, 12 October 2015


Date and location

Monday 12 October 2015, Manchester Conference Centre, Sackville Street, Manchester M1 3BB

Event overview

While SIESO 21 still has a vital input from the Competent Authorities on COMAH, it also addresses a wider range of topics that will be of interest to all whose task it is to prevent, prepare for, and ultimately manage major incidents.

  • The HSE will give you the latest information about COMAH 2015 and provide opportunities to question the regulator.
  • In line with the EA’s increasing interest in COMAH environmental risk, a CDOIF (Chemical Downstream Oil Industries Forum) member will offer framework and methodology guidance which can be utilised to assist compliance.
  • The tragic German Wings incident shocked the world. Human factors have always seemed an obscure subject but they can play a big part in how your employees react to workplace scenarios. Hear what it is all about.
  • No matter how good your equipment is, nor how good your systems are, how do you assess your employees’ competence? How do you know you have got the right person in the right job? A presentation at the conference will help you address this important subject.
  • We have all seen them – and some of you may own one – but the use of drones at an incident can be either good or bad. Good, in that they can help the emergency services to see things from above which are not visible from ground level. Conversely they can also feed information to the media which may not be helpful in the management or investigation of the incident. How should their use be controlled?
  • The cyber attack on the centrifuges in Iran was well publicised but are you aware of the physical damage caused by a cyber attack on a blast furnace in Germany: that last year there were 300 attacks on the oil industry and other industrial facilities in Norway; or the 245 attacks in the USA, 75 on energy produces and 65 on manufacturing plants? This can and, on current trends, will affect you. What are you doing about it?

SIESO’s aim is to encourage the exchange of information between all players in the business of industrial safety. Take this opportunity to share your experience in discussions with your peers and the Competent Authority representatives.

Who Should Attend?

The conference is recommended to managers and safety personnel from all existing Top and Lower tier COMAH sites, together with Emergency Service and Local Authority personnel associated with on/off-site emergency plans.

Information and booking

For Full programme, speakers list, online booking and further information visit the SIESO 21: Complacency Today – Disaster Tomorrow event page. or telephone 01285 861617 or email:

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